UN Approved Plastic Drums
UN Approved Plastic Drums

CurTec’s packaging concepts have been finding their way to customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, health care and food ingredient industries for many years. These products are not only available in standard designs but can be modified, in consultation with customers, to solve a specific packaging problem. This brochure offers you an overview of our range of packaging products. For more information, please contact our office


UN Approved Plastic Drums & Containers

  1. Wide Neck Kegs (CurTec)
  2. Total Opening Keg (CurTec)
  3. Packo (CurTec)
  4. Click Pack (CurTec)
  5. UV Safe Drums (CurTec)
  6. Nestable Drums (CurTec)
  7. Conductive Drums (CurTec)
  8. Multi Cans (Muller)