Stainless Steel Valve Explosion View

The Muller MC-Valve are quick release for quick assembly and dis-assembly without tooling. The quick-Release Stainless Steel Muller Valve represents the advanced design and operation of the new generation of valves. The solid type 316L stainless steel construction (all product contact parts) makes the Quick-Release-Muller Valve the ideal choice for containers, blenders and fixed funnels.


  1. All product contact parts are type 316L stainless steel. Various seals available.
  2. No tools are needed for quick assembly and dis-assembly
  3. Meets all requirements for sanitary applications.
  4. Very easy to clean
  5. CGMP correct
  6. Hand brushed to pharmaceutical quality
  7. Competitively priced

These seven points assure your satisfaction when using the Quick- Release-Muller Valve.

Split Valve 2

Split Valves

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  • Steri

Butterfly Valves

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  • SteriValve SR


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