High Viscous Transfer

MO provides the following High Viscous Transfer products.

Vispro without pole - High Viscous Transfer

Vispro without pole

  1. Muller Vispro
  2. IST

How do you transfer viscous products without a pump?

Solution: the VISPRO SYSTEM VISPRO for easy and economical transfer of VISCOUS PRODUCTS

  This new system is as simple as 1-2-3:
  1. Take a special Muller type 316 stainless steel drum, 100 or 200 liter (52.8 gal.) and a place plunger into drum.
  2. Fill your viscous products into drum and close drum with special lid havingsilicone-rubber seal.
  3. Connect appropriate opening in lid tocompressed air supply. Use up to 0.8 bar. (11 psi) pressure. Safety valve opens at pressure of 1 bar. (14.5 psi). The viscous product will flow through a hose directly into your process equipment, such as tube filling machine.

Vispro with pole - High Viscous Transfer

Vispro with pole – High Viscous Transfer

Your product can be shipped in drums from the manufacturing site to filling stations. NEW: 600 lt.system available.